November 5th I'm leaving Sempros office in Moss, Norway to "get more ink done" by one of Swedens finest: Pontus Jonsson - Tattooist and owner of Alternative Art in Sveg, Sweden and at the same time try to help them with their digital marketing.

We met in september at a local tattoo studio in Moss, where Pontus of Alternative Art was a guest artist for 4 days. I jumped at the chance of getting a tattoo by an artist I had already been following through Facebook and Instagram for some time, in my search for a new tattoo.  I had forgotten that I had asked for more than a Liverbird on my shoulder and he had already lined up sketches of viking skulls when I arrived just before 10 am with puffy eyes and a nervous arm. "Which one do you want?" was the first question I got. I had no idea! They were all pretty cool. I sent the picture to Sempros internal Facebook group and had my colleagues decide.

Social Ink - Alternative Art Tattoo Studio They decided the one on the left (Skeletor) would be the best pick. And so we started, this was already getting social.

If you're social or not, (at some point) you have to talk to the person carving something into your body for 12 hours. And we started talking a little about business.  I got to know that Pontus started tattooing back in 1999 and opened his studio in Sveg in 2006. Pontus struck me right away as a very social and creative (kind of in the job description) guy. And he told me a little about his beer bottle collection and of the dream of maybe starting a brewery one day, when the days of tattooing were over sometime in the distant future. He also told me he wanted to connect more with his followers in Sweden and Norway.

He wanted to raise engagement on his Facebook page and also help people who want a good tattoo experience to easier find him online. His business is already doing more than ok, but he had a real desire to help people make the right choices and also have a good experience with their body art, regardless of what studio they decide to get their work done at. In the 12 hours we had to talk, we came up with a plan that we both thought would work well for him and his staff back in Sweden.

Social Ink- Alternative Art tattoo studio
So next monday Im going up to Sveg (a six hours drive from Moss) to help the good people over at Alternative Art with some of the mechanics involved in digital advertising, show them some possibilities with social media and Google, how to reach out and make it easier for people to find their company and also to engage their audience. Finally  to "kill two birds with one stone", I'm also finishing up my sleeve while I'm there.

Social Ink - Alternative Art Tattoo Studio
I wanted to promote Alternative Art on our blog as I have had tattoos done other places and this guy really stands out. He helped me book a hotel in the little town of Sveg, I didn't even have to ask. He had no problems adding me as an administrator in his Facebook page, for me to haul insights and gave me good suggestions for whats left of my arm. He also gave me a tattoo that Im really happy with in next to no time, for a fair price and gave great advice on how let it heal perfectly. I also wanted to write this in english so that it will be easier for people who doesn't understand norwegian to know about this great artist. A lot of people will travel far to get their "ink" done. And I have no problem promoting Sveg and Pontus as the place to travel to.
UPDATE picturs from the visit.
Alternative Art Tattoo Studio
Alternative Art Tattoo Studio

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